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Reason for using: disquiet, OCD's,migraine,Tri.Neuralg.Side Effects: recollection difficulties but I am old anywayHave taken for 10 years and design to take it lifelong. Prescribed 1 mg but discovered .5 works fine at bedtime. Why disembark it if life would be sad more migraines , bald locations, disquiet attacks and it alleviates my trigeminal cheek pain. It works for me but may not for others.Quitcherbellyachen and embark with life.

Klonopin was one of the smallest productive of the benzodiazepines I have been treated with for generalized disquiet disorder. It was chosen by my (former) psychiatrist because it was considered to be the smallest addictive. It was rather productive, and I did like the detail that it has a long half-life, residing in the scheme for a long time. However, I did not seem the identical respite from disquiet and stress I sensed with some other medicines in this identical class. Perhaps I wasn't taking sufficient -- I was only adept to inch up to 2.75 mg./day, as if I were taking morphine or something...

Taking .5mg 2 x a day now for 18 months. Has assisted me greatly. I was affraid it would bang me out or I would not be adept to take at work. But not so. It does what is presume to in the direction of my disquiet issues.

I have been taking this medication for a long time now. before i was put on Klonopin I habitually took fright attacks and sensed tense all the time. I resided dejected and furthermore had thoughts of Suside. My doc had put me on everthing u could imagine. I was on Paxil CR, Lexapro, Vistiral and Sequirrel. They not ever assisted me at all. So I determined to change from my Retarded Foreign Doc and got a new Doc I notified him my difficulties and he said he was going to start me on Klonopin. Since then i my life is great!

Reason for using: Anxiety/panic disorder/PTSD.Side Effects: some drowsiness, but that is SO met after agitating and not ever being adept to take in a full wind of air from critical anxiety.I usually start with 1 mg 2x/day throughout the celebration of my son's death, then I taper down to 1 mg/day divide into 2 doses (.5 in the am and .5 in the pm). After the acute PTSD subsides, I taper down to .5/day for 2-3 months. I use it like this every year and I do not have the bizarre side effects recorded by anti-klonopin users. Without klonopin, I bear from critical PTSD, nightmares, insomnia, fright attacks and disquiet and would not ever be adept to function. I need this medication, it is the only one that has ever worked. For those of you who had a awful know-how with it--quit endeavouring to shock every person with your contradictory experience. Everyone's body is distinct and every person will answer differently.